HYPER-AI Launches Project Video Interviews website section

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The HYPER-AI Consortium in discussion

HYPER-AI consortium members and collaborators, and followers of its research, can now benefit from the new website section, Get to know HYPER-AI.

Get to know HYPER-AI features insights provided by HYPER-AI’s project leaders in the form of video interviews, accompanied by succinct summaries. For the project’s 36-month mission, this website section will provide accessible and comprehensible resources on HYPER-AI’s planned activities, which are grouped according to their corresponding project deliverables into Work Packages.

These Work Packages are critical to effectively organising the project’s activities to meet its expected objectives, outcomes, and impacts, in aiming to build a hyper-distributed, autonomic computing continuum. Through each Work Package, the HYPER-AI consortium members can most effectively contribute their respective expertise towards the project’s achievements, ultimately supporting advancement beyond current state of the art technologies spanning Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Heterogeneous Computing, and and Security.

The HYPER-AI activities are organised into the following Work Packages:

To keep up to date with progress on HYPER-AI and the achievements carried out through these Work Packages, follow the project on LinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.