Future proof Solutions webinar
3rd Party Event
6 June 2024 10:30–13:00

Future-proof solutions for cognition-enabled cloud computing – Webinar part 2

Europe’s research funding aims to create breakthroughs in AI enabled cloud computing, allowing self-configuration, self-adjustment, and self-management systems that will enable better performance, lower costs, higher security while facilitating digital sovereignty. After the success of the first webinar that took in April, further Cognitive Cloud and Cognitive Computing projects will dive into the solutions and frameworks that they are creating and on top of that we will look at the next wave of research required to bring Europe into the top-3 of innovative contributors of provider-agnostic, open source, cloud infrastructures.


  • HYPER-AI - Iakovos Michailidis
  • DECICE - Sabri Pllana
  • MLSysOps - Christos Antonopoulos
  • SovereignEdge.Cognit - To be confirmed
  • MYRTUS - Francesca Palumbo
  • EMPYREAN - Panagiotis Kokkinos
  • ACES - Fred Buining
  • ACES - Francesco Mureddu

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